Raw vegan mango & passionfruit nice-cream | inspired by Weis Bars

RV mango passionfruit

2      cups            frozen mango (most big supermarkets will stock it)
tspns            coconut water (I use 250ml size for most of my recipes)
banana, frozen overnight
vanilla (optional)


  1. Blend 2 cups frozen mango
  2. Add 2 tspns coconut water (or tap water) to enable it to blend into smoothie consistency – use as much as you need but add very slowly
  3. pour half the mango smoothie into a small plastic rectangular container lined with baking paper
  4. with the other half stir in 3 small passionfruits then put in small rectangular container lined with baking paper
  5. freeze 2hrs or longer


  1. blend 1 frozen banana – can add some vanilla & 1-2 tspns water or coconut water to make consistency easy to scoop out
  2. cut about 1/4 of mango & passionfruit mixture out (I just ate the bit I took out!)
  3. scoop in the banana mixture then put in the freezer again for 2hours
  4. take out of freezer & just pop out of little Tupperware containers

DIETARY: vegan, raw vegan, dairy free, gluten-free, free of refined sugars (only sweetness is naturally occurring sugars in fruit)

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