who is alice gruzman?

I was born & have lived most of my life in Sydney, Australia. I am a Mum of a 2.5 year old & 4 year old boy. I am a part-time working Mum & love my job. I play hockey all year round & have done for almost 20 years. Running to & from work is how I get most of my exercise at the moment.

I have been pescetarian for almost 16 years. I never liked red meat much & then was totally put off chicken after watching a video in biology class about farmed chickens; & seeing some not so great looking chickens on a family holiday to Africa. I love seafood & cheese & it’s unlikely I would ever go vegan. I have an absolute passion for food & how it can affect us, both mentally & physically.

Since May 2013 I have not used sugar in my baking – it has been predominately maple syrup, dates or brown rice syrup. I am a firm believer in trying things healthier alternatives, especially with 2 small boys in the house who I’ve been dealt the privilege of bringing up the best way I can.

I have never allowed my children to have chocolate, sweet biscuits, cake, crisps, junk food (they have never stepped foot in a McDonald’s or any other fast food chain) & sweets. My 2 year old loves green smoothies, broccoli & cucumber sushi; & 4 year old is obsessed with dates, sweet potato, bananas & cucumbers.

I am passionate about the environment & the impact we make on it. At home we grow chilli, mint, parsley, rocket, strawberries, tomatoes, spinach & basil. Im hoping once my green thumb grows, we will be able to grow more & reduce our carbon imprint by only needing to ‘transport’ food from the garden straight into the kitchen (or even straight into our mouths).

My dream career would be as a nutritionist – to educate & empower people to make smarter decisions about their diet. A lovely friend of mine is a Paediatric Registrar at Westmead & I am constantly gobsmacked by her stories. If only I could get my hands on groups of people every week, show them how quick & easy it is to prepare healthy meals, but also how much better it tastes & how amazing it makes you feel.

I believe exercise is a vital part of our lives. Without it, we can never really be “healthy”, even if we eat well.

My recipes tend to be a mix of vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, some paleo & all IQS refined sugar free.

All photos are my own (unless otherwise stated) – please don’t distribute without my express consent. You’ve been warned.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. I credit other blogs, instagram accounts & Chefs in general when I try one of their recipes (credit where it’s due) & expect the same in return.


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