Chilli-pumpkin, labanne & dukkah, parsley & coriander on corn thins

I accidentally created this amazing snack.

2 cups pumpkin
1 tspn chilli (optional)
150-200g labanne w dukkah (I used a brand called “The Cheese Board purchased in Leichhardt in Sydney)
2/3 cup parsley & coriander – chopped if you prefer or just pulled off stalks
6 corn thins OR Sunrice Multigrain Squares – both are sugar-free & preservative free & not too salty

1. Steam pumpkin until very tender
2. Drain any remaining water, flip pumpkin out of steamer & into a bowl. Hand mash, add chilli & let it cool
3. Spread some labanne on the corn thin, followed by herbs & finish w pumpkin.




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