Pink Grapefruit & Mint vegan smoothie

Thanks again to my lovely Instagram followers who requested this recipe. It is PERFECT on a hot day.

1.5 frozen bananas (I always keep a pile in my freezer)
2 pink grapefruits (1 peeled then frozen overnight, 1 at room temperature
1/3 cup coconut water
1 cup baby spinach
1 handful fresh mint
1 tablespoon coconut water (in addition to above)

1. Juice the room temp pink grapefruit – I don’t own a juicer so just use a little hand squeezer & make sure I pour in all the pulp
2. Throw in the blender: 1 banana, 1 frozen grapefruit, juice of 2nd grapefruit & 1/3 cup coconut water. Blend until a thickshake consistency
3. Pour equal amounts into 2 glasses, ensuring space at top of the glass for the green layer
4. Put glasses in the freezer while making green layer – this ensures when you pour the top layer in, they don’t mix in together too much.
5. Rinse out the blender with water then throw in tablespoon coconut water, 1/2 banana, baby spinach & mint in. Blend
6. Pour green layer on the top & serve immediately


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