One small change

Loving Earth has launched a “one small change” campaign – you can check it out on Instagram @onesmallchange_

I had a think about my lifestyle changes since having kids nearly 4 years ago. I’ve always loved a good party, but never had the lifestyle associated with someone who parties a lot. I have become more conscious of the environment & the world my kids are going to grow up.

I think of health & wellness in a holistic way – every element of our lives is interconnected. So some of my small changes are:

Growing my owns herbs & veggies
1. I don’t use any pesticides or sprays so I know they are all natural
2. Reducing my carbon footprint so these products are brought straight to the kitchen from the garden, no packaging or transportation required.
3. Reducing costs – feeding a family of 4 isn’t cheap, so I use my own home grown rocket, mint, parsley, baby spinach, lettuce, kale & chilli at home.

My one small change submission was:
About 16 months ago, due to the lack of car spaces in Surry Hills (where I work) as well as having limited time to exercise with 2 young boys, I started running to & from work, instead of driving.
1. A short 2km each way, 3 days a week adds up: I’ve clocked nearly 1000km in 16mths.
2. It’s an environmentally friendly option with one less car on the road, reducing petrol & car emissions.
3. It has been financially advantageous not paying for petrol, parking & less car maintenance being car free 3 days a week.

I would LOVE to encourage more people to leave their car at home; or their kids daycare; or even half way to work – you start the day more energised, feel a sense of satisfaction that you’ve done your day’s exercise before sitting at a desk for 8 hours straight & you’ve done your part for the environment…& remember “it doesn’t matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone sitting on the sofa”


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