Refined sugar-free ‘processed’ snacks

You’ve provably got the vibe already that I’ve never bought a pack if muesli bars or tiny teddies for my children. What i would love to show anyone who wants to have snacks on hand for the kids in their handbag, is hay they don’t have to be full of sugar.

As cool as it would be to always have freshly cut carrot sticks, portion controlled snap lock bags of nuts & fresh fruit in your bag as a snack, sometimes it’s just not a viable option – getting out the door by 7am with 2 fully-dressed children & a decent looking work outfit can prove enough of a problem some days. Sometimes us mortals have to head out with empty stomachs, only to find ourselves even more susceptible to poor eating options than normal (not to mention just waning to get out of there with one child crawling down the aisles & the other tearing products off the shelf).

You CAN avoid refined sugar at the supermarket – just be diligent about reading labels. Attached are some easy options for the occasions I don’t have a knife / chopping board / peeler / sink in my handbag.

PS Sydney people these were all purchased in Thomas Dux (Crown St & Padington), Whole Foods House Woollahra & Harris Farm in case you’re having a snack attack now






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