Fig salad | raw | vegetarian

I picked up some beautiful fresh figs from my local markets yesterday (Orange Grove in Lilyfield, Sydney if you’re ever in the hood on a Saturday from 8am-1pm). They werent cheap but i had to have them! I love figs & basil so also picked up some super fresh basil from the markets.

1 cup rocket, washed & dried (I lay it on a tea towel)
2 fresh figs, quartered
1/3 cup fresh basil leaves
4 tspns labanne (yoghurt cheese) which could easily be replaced by a goat’s cheese)
**optional to grind some pepper over the top before serving

1. Put rocket in the bowl first
2. Place quartered figs on top of rocket
3. Sprinkle basil leaves over the top
4. Spoon over 4 tspns of labanne
**or just don’t follow this method at all & do however you like!

I find the salad doesn’t need any dressing as the labanne is so creamy & the flavours compliment each other – peppery rocket, fresh basil, sweet figs & salty, creamy labanne. You could add some olive oil & salt if you felt it needed it.


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