Breakfasts on the run

I know I’m not the only one whose morning goes a little like this…dress kids, dress self, brush teeth, race down to kitchen, feed children, tidy up mess, gets kids shoes on, get my shoes on, check all 3 bags are packed & be out the door by 730am to do the daycare drop off & be at work by 830am. This is where breakfast on the run becomes your best friend!

Choc-hazelnut & raspberry
2 tablespoons buckinis (I use Loving Earth OR Macro organic)
1 tablespoon frozen raspberries (good low-fructose fruit IQS friends)
2 tablespoons Mayvers cacao-hazelnut (this simply contains cacao & hazelnut & can be purchased at Coles or Woolworths)
Super simple – just tip buckinis in the jar, throw raspberries on top, then scoop in cacao-hazelnut
**the cacao-hazelnut looks quite oily from the natural nut oil but can taste quite dry so try to mix it in with other ingredients.

Apple pie in a jar
2 small apples (I bought a great organic bag at Wholefoods House in Woollahra)
2 tablespoons buckinis
1 tablespoon chia seeds (I used The Chia Co which can be purchased in big supermarkets)
1-2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 tablespoons tahini
Set the oven to 180 degrees Celsius
Peel, core & slices the apples.
Put a piece of foil on the bench, then a piece of baking paper on top.
Put the apples on the baking paper, then wrap them up in baking paper & foil. Cook for 30 mins.
When cooked, take apples out to cool slightly.
Layer everything, making sure the chia seeds are close to the tahini to absorb some moisture.
I usually make this before going to work, by the time I get to work, the moisture from the apples & tahini has softened the chia seeds & buckinis



Chia cacao date balls | RV DF GF RSF PALEO

Yet another variation on date balls.

This particular one is raw vegan as well as gluten-free, dairy-free & refined sugar free.

This recipe I have specified where most ingredients are from as I want to spread the message that these are readily accessible (in your supermarket) ingredients.

As usual, quantities are rough so I always recommend you try the mixture once blended & decide if you feel it needs more of anything!

15 medjool dates (from Aldi)
1 tablespoon tahini (Mayver’s brand; from Woolworths)
2 tablespoons almond butter (Macro brand from Woolworths)
1 tablespoon LSA (from Woolworths) or can substitute with almond meal
2 tablespoons chia seeds (The Chia Co brand from Woolworths)
4 tablespoons organic coconut water (from Woolworths)
1/2 cup desiccated coconut (from Aldi)
1/4 cup cacao (purchased at Health Food Shop but you could substitute for cocoa if required but note you will lost some health benefits)

1. Put the chia seeds in coconut water, stir a bit & let it sit for 5-10 minutes. It will turn into a ‘gel’ texture.
2. Pit dates
3. Throw all ingredients (except dedicated coconut) into a food processor, blend until well combined.
4. Taste test – if you’re not happy with any elements, now is your chance to add!
5. Scoop out all the mixture & put into glad wrap then throw into the fridge – this is purely to make them easier to roll & is not vital but will make your life easier!
6. After an hour in the fridge, take them out, roll into balls then roll in desiccated coconut. Place on baking paper to prevent from sticking.

Eat, snack on, share!