Banana bread w figs | vegan GF DF RSF

I had a request for this recipe via my Instagram page so here goes….this recipe is dangerously easy & can be altered to your taste…

2 large bananas
1/2 cup milk (plant based for my vegan & paleo friends or cows)
1 cup dates, pitted
1 1/2 cups almond meal
1/2 cup buckwheat flour
1 tspn baking powder
3 dried figs (for decoration only so not essential)

Blend bananas, dates & milk til nearly smooth.
Throw in a mixing bowl with almond meal, buckwheat flour & baking powder.
Stir til well combined.
Pour into a loaf tin, put figs sliced in half on top.
Bake @ 160 degrees celsius for approx 45 mins

Optional: 2 tspns cinnamon, 2 tspns vanilla


Cauliflower & kale soup | vegan GF DF RSF PALEO

I love making soup in the colder months – such an easy meal, full of veggies & accompanied by some crusty bread & a little salad, is such a satisfying meal.

2 cups Cauliflower, steamed until soft
1/3 cup kale, shredded
1 tspn vegan stock

Bread roll – I may be biased but I think a sourdough roll is amazing with a big bowl of soup but go for gluten-free or grain-free if that’s your dietary preference
Handful of heirloom tomatoes, sliced in half lengthways
1-2 teaspoons parsley, chopped
1 tbspn olive oil

1. Steam cauliflower – about 30 seconds before taking off heat, throw the shredded kale in.
2. Once cooked, blend cauliflower-kale with 1/2 cup of vegan stock. Depending on what consistency you like, add more/less water.

I served mine with a beautiful sweet tomato salad tossed with olive oil & parsley & some crusty bread



Cumquat, rosemary, banana smoothie | RV DF GF RSF PALEO

My strongest memory of cumquats is as a child at my Grandparents holiday house in Merimbula.

I found these cumquats ripe for the picking in my parents garden. The sweetness of bananas vs sour / bitterness of cumquats vs rosemary worked really well

What I threw in
1 banana (frozen overnight)
3 cumquats, peeled
1 tspn fresh rosemary

Throw all ingredients in blender – depending on what consistency you like, you can slowly add about 1/4 cup of water or coconut water




Clean cauliflower gratin | vego GF RSF

My 2 year old is obsessed with cauliflower (let me gloat for a few seconds as it probably won’t last…). I also love it but wanted to make it a more significant element of a meal hence the gratin….

What you need
1/2 cauliflower, chopped into bite size pieces (or bigger if you prefer)
1 tub ricotta
1/2 cup grated cheese
*optional: 1/4 cup parsley

How to do it:
*turn the grill on at about 200 degrees celsius
1. Steam or boil the cauliflower, then drain
2. Mix the tub of ricotta through the cauliflower in a mixing bowl
3. Spoon the mixture into a large or 2 smaller oven dishes.
4. Top w cheese
5. Throw under the grill until golden brown
*optional: top w parsley & pepper

Vegetarian tart | V RSF GF

Thanks to house sitting for my parents at the moment, we have use of a Thermomix (not to mention free range of their garden!). That made this tart super easy…..

3/4 cup Buckwheat flour
1/2 cup Almond meal (made in thermomix)
1/3 cup Rice flour (made in thermomix)
1/4 cup olive oil (I am a big fan of Cobram Estate)
1/2 tbspn rosemary
Cold water

5 eggs
1/4 cup ricotta
Whatever veg you want….
1/2 cup baby spinach, chopped
1/4 cup broccoli, finely chopped

1. Throw all dry crust ingredients in thermo, give a 2 second blast.
2. Add olive oil & water – pulse until it is blended.
3. Lay cling film on the counter, pour dough onto it (I found it was a bit runny)
4. Wrap up & throw in the fridge for 2 hours.
5. Unwrap dough, press it into a lines cake tin. Throw it back into the fridge w cling film over the top. Leave it overnight in the fridge.
6. Heat the oven to 180 degrees – blind bake for 20 mins. Take out of oven & cook another 10 minutes without pie weights.
7. While the crust is cooking, whizz up in a bowl the eggs & ricotta, then throw in the baby spinach & broccoli.
8. Once cooked, throw all the contents into the crust & cook for 30 minutes.