Black tahini raw vegan brownies | RV GF DF RSF P

All good things start with chocolate, or was it champagne…never mind.

I didn’t think it possible for a raw, vegan, gluten free, dairy free brownie to be “fudgy” as I has seen described before so of course, being the know it all I am, I had to try to disprove the theory….unfortunately I failed & DID end up with a chocolatey, fudgey brownie…..

I am terrible at keeping note of how much of everything I’m putting in so you may need to amend slightly to your taste….
1/8 cup Mayver’s black tahini
10 x Medjool Dates, stones out
1/3 cup Cacao
1 tbspn Chia seeds
1/2 cup Almond meal
1 tbspn Coconut oil
1 tbspn Coconut butter

Throw all ingredients into a food processor, blend until it becomes a wet crumb (I just made that phrase up but hopefully you will understand once you are at that point!)

Suitable for vegans & paleos. Not so good for low fructose due to dates….but a very nice treat all the same!

Black Tahini – as a side note, try this on crackers with a sprinkle of cinnamon & pink Himalayan salt – addictive but amazing – or as they say, aMAYving

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