To paleo, or not to paleo

My friend Nat announced this morning she was thinking of going paleo. My first reaction – WHAT ABOUT CHEESE?

Why I’m not paleo:
I enjoy cheese, & every so often yoghurt.
I eat legumes from time to time including chickpeas & cannellini beans.
I eat some grains – rice at work, sushi about once a fortnight.

I do have some paleo staples in my cupboard which I think would be great for all families –
1. chia seeds – I add to smoothies & home-made granola
2. Sunflower seeds – add to home-made muesli, sprinkle on salads.
3. Almonds – throw in a spice grinder to make almond meal to use as a base of cookies or cakes, use in muesli, enjoy as a snack, sprinkle on salads.
4. Coconut butter – this is dangerous as it is SO DELICIOUS! Add to cookie mix, use to make a healthy raw vegan paleo chocolate.
5. Coconut oil – I don’t personally use for dressings or to fry food in but a lot of people do (I prefer olive oil). I use coconut oil to bake ingredients for paleo muesli, to bake cookies & even to moisturise hair & skin!





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