Vanilla ice pops w choc swirl | GF VEG RSF

I will taste these ice pops a little later to see if anything needs refining but for now, here’s the ingredients without quantities:

Greek yoghurt
Organic Vanilla bean
Rice malt syrup

Organic cacao butter (I like Loving Earth brand)
Organic cacao
Organic coconut oil
Organic rice malt syrup (I use ‘Pure Harvest’)

1. Melt together cacao butter, coconut oil & rice malt syrup. Stir well then add cacao. Stir well again. Keep warm so it doesn’t set!
2. Put Greek yoghurt in a bowl, then stir through vanilla bean & cinnamon. Gently fold through the rice malt syrup so you can see the swirls.
3. Pour into ice pop holders, freeze overnight.

2015/01/img_1340.jpgll t



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