Vegan protein sources

Please let me preface this post by saying I am not a nutritionist. I don’t claim to be. I have no formal training but I can read a food label.

I was asked by a personal trainer friend for some good vegan protein sources for a client of his. Here is what I’ve uncovered:

Pumpkin seeds / Pepitas 25.5%
Almond meal 24.2%
Sunflower seeds. 22.7% (My Organics)
Cacao 20% (Ceres Organics)
Coconut flour 20.7% (Organic Road)
Hazelnuts 15% (My Organics)
Teff seeds 13.3% (The Giving Tree)
Quinoa 12-16% (seems to depend on the brand)

Now how to use them!
An easy option is to keep on hand a mixed jar of hazelnuts, sunflower seeds & pepitas. A great way to get in protein throughout the day – tip some into a little container or snap lock bag the night before work.
Add cacao into your morning smoothie – what a great excuse for chocolate!
Top your smoothie with hazelnuts, Pepitas & sunflower seeds.
Bake yourself some healthy muffins – I sweeten mine with banana, dates or rice malt syrup & sprinkle some teff through. Make the muffins with almond meal or coconut flour to get in some extra protein grams!
Sprinkle Pepitas & sunflower seeds on your salad – everyday – it adds a great texture & another element of flavour.




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