Banana & carrot buckwheat bread 

Oh buckwheat, we’ve been friends a couple of years now but you never cease to surprise me in a world of increasing glutards (this fabulous term was stolen by me when a customer called the restaurant I worked for & warned me they had a “glutard” ie someone requiring a gluten-free meal). I am currently a glutard so no offence is intended.

3 bananas
2 carrots (I used purple but it’s your call)
1 cup buckwheat flour (I just grind buckwheat groats in a spice grinder)
3 eggs (use organic eggs, kids)
2 tbspns coconut oil
1.5 teaspoons vanilla powder (I use Heilala brand)
1 tspn bicarb


1. Throw banana, carrot & vanilla into the blender until almost smooth.
2. Pour banana/carrot mix into a bowl. Add coconut oil & stir.
3. In a separate little bowl, crack the 3 eggs & just give them a little whisk with a fork so they are well mixed.
4. Add the eggs into the mixing bowl, then bicarb, then the buckwheat flour & stir til all mixed well.
5. Tip into a loaf tin (I use a silicone one) & cook for 50 mins at 180 degrees Celsius.

As there is no sweetener added, it is not overly sweet, but is not savoury enough to be a ‘bread’. I guess you could cut a slice & spread on some rice malt syrup or honey or my current favourite sugar-free berry jam. 

I love it & hope you will too. Let me know how you go if you bake it at home.

Much love, Alice AKA 6CI


Third week | elimination diet

It is totally unlike me not to eat when I can’t decide what I want. In fact, normally it is the opposite – I usually eat EVERYTHING in sight when I can’t decide on one item. In my defence, we do not have any sugary, processed foods in our house. I just don’t buy them. I let my children have whatever they want to eat when they attend a party, we go out for pizza about once every 3 weeks, & allow them to have a scoop of ice-cream, but that’s it. We do not have muesli bars, flavoured yoghurt, ice-cream.

Monday: As the rash on my face, is potentially caused by stress, it is important to factor in my emotional/mental well-being into the mix. I had a lovely morning with my little guy – just playing lego at home & he can be such a little darling when he is on his own. I also had a lovely long chat to my best friend which always makes me happy. I woke up with a very sore eye which I guess was a bit stressful as I had to keep my eye shut frequently or hold my hand over my eye to keep it shut, it watered all day & stung, making some of my vision a bit foggy. Food was 2 slices of Naturis rice loaf with olive oil, dried oregano & Himalayan pink salt. This is my current go to dish when I can’t be bothered to think of anything! Through the morning I also had the remainder of the purple carrot, banana & buckwheat loaf I baked last week. It has no added sweetener & I can’t wait to make it again. For dinner, I made myself rice paper rolls: 2 salmon fillets cooked in organic olive oil & gluten-free soy sauce. Coriander, mint, qukes, organic snow peas & organic carrots. And of course, the rice paper rolls themselves & a bit of Hoisin (which is gluten-free) sauce. I felt quite satiated after this & for a change, did not crave my normal home made chocolate. One cup or organic Qi berry white tea.

Tuesday: Again, not an overly stressful morning despite the boys being at their normal full volume & full energy when they woke up around 630am (I never check the time when they wake!). 715am: 1 cup of Qi berry white tea. Breakfast: 3 slices Naturis rice loaf with organic olive oil, oregano & Himalayan pink salt. Early Lunch at 1145am: leftovers from last night – roast sweet potato, broccoli & cauliflower. 1pm: almond milk coffee. I am excited to get home & start on module 2 of IIN – I feel that the timing has been amazing with the elimination diet commencing just before IIN as I can empathise with potential clients going through dietary changes. 630pm: 2 organic eggs, pan fried with organic parsley as an omelette in organic olive oil, organic broccoli, organic cauliflower, green beans & mushrooms.

Wednesday: 830am : 2 slices of Naturis rice toast with organic olive oil, dried oregano & Himalayan pink salt. 12pm: 1 almond milk coffee 2pm: rice noodles, peas, snow peas, mushrooms with gluten-free soy & freshly grated ginger. 230pm: dry roasted mixed nuts (no added salt). Dinner: mini egg tomatoes, snow peas, celery, cos, raw green beans, cos lettuce, a tin of tuna in oil, freshly squeezed lemon & a dressing of olive oil & dijon mustard. Hockey training 715-830pm. After hockey: a cup of peppermint tea, 2 squares of Loving Earth lemon chocolate, which I really wasn’t craving but my brother had left it out on the bench & I just decided to try it while chatting to my Mum & Dad.

Thursday: I’ve decided Thursday must be my do-whatever-I-want day. I had an About Life raw vegan caramel slice for breakfast. Judge me all you like! A pot of English Tea Shop organic white tea with blueberries & elderflower. A handful or roasted mixed nuts (from yesterday’s pack). 250g punnet of organic strawberries. A pack of seaweed (weight = 4.5 grams). An organic avocado with Furikake seasoning.

Second week | elimination diet

I’m kick starting the week with excitement & trepidation. I have officially started my course through IIN.

My 4 year old has major anger management issues – when he is angry he will utilise anything in his reach as a weapon: on Monday alone: all the magnets pulled off the fridge, a ball thrown in the bin, my new coffee table has an irreparable scratch due to him scratching his red toy bus along it, all the dining chairs knocked over, a water bottle thrown at a window intentionally, a glass of water intentionally spilt on carpet.

Monday: breakfast – 2 slices of rice bread with 2 organic eggs, poached by moi. My first attempt at poaching, let’s just say I will hope to refine my poaching skills. Black organic coffee. More rice loaf x 2 slices with olive oil, sprinkles of oregano & Himalayan pink salt. Dinner: made another quiche – with an almond meal, buckwheat & olive oil crust. The filling included organic eggs, pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, oregano & quinoa. Dessert: home made chocolate (all organic ingredients) – cacao, coconut oil, coconut butter, cacao butter, Pureharvest rice malt syrup.

Tuesday: again I did not start the working week in style. 830am: 2 slices rice loaf, toasted then I dipped in olive oil, oregano & Himalayan pink salt. I am being totally honest here – at 930am: kombucha, raw vegan chocolate beetroot cake, 1 organic apple. Lunch: leftover quiche (see above) with organic baby spinach leaves. Afternoon tea: raw mixed nuts. A pot of elderflower & blueberry tea. I have not felt hungry all day. Dinner: pan-fried prawns in organic ginger, organic turmeric & olive oil with organic cauliflower, organic sweet potato & organic cos lettuce. I feel really full & satisfied but not that sleepy “food coma” feeling.

Wednesday: brain freeze. I can’t remember what I ate during the day but dinner was a salad with tinned tuna in oil, tomatoes, raw cauliflower, carrots. So cute, my mum made it for me & it was a lovely rainbow salad.

Thursday: my colleague was tired & hormonal so let’s use her as the excuse that my lunch was gluten-free vegan sweet potato chips & zucchini fries. We only had this at 3pm so I really wasn’t hungry again til after 7pm & couldn’t be bothered to make anything so had some gluten-free fruit toast, carrot sticks & almond butter.

Friday: breakfast was 2 slices of gluten-free fruit toast & organic black coffee. I also had a piece of my home made purple carrot, banana & buckwheat loaf. It is funny how excited I get when I discover a product that is gluten-free & dairy free – yesterday was Fresh Fodder taramasalata. I wolfed down half the container with organic carrot slices & some of it with a snack size pack of Fine Fettle zucchini & almond flats. Dinner was a delicious vegan stew – green beans, cauliflower, fennel, a tomato based sauce & green olives.

Saturday: breakfast was 2 slices of gluten-free fruit toast. At the markets, I had an almond milk latte. My son requested a freshly squeezed carrot juice at the markets (I didn’t know he even liked carrot juice?!) but I think there was too much ginger in it so he didn’t want it & I drank it. Lunch: remainder of taramasalata & a snack size pack of Fine Fettle zucchini & almond flats. Afternoon tea: 1 home made Oreo made from cacao, almond meal, rice malt syrup & coconut oil. Dinner was 4 slices of rice loaf with organic mayo (gluten-free, dairy-free & free from sugar/corn syrup), organic parsley & organic smoked salmon. 2 x roast parsnips with dried oregano & Himalayan pink salt.

I am feeling more satiated – not sure if this is the introduction of more consistent protein in the form of eggs & seafood? I am eating a lot more organic fruit & vegetables.

ZERO alcohol consumed (which is pretty normal for me anyway).


I’m officially a student of IIN

Hi y’all


This week I commenced my studies to become a Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

My first assignment is to tell my family & friends what I am doing!! My studies will take up about 5 hours a week, time that was previously spent idly scrolling through instagram, procrastinating (& a fair bit of procrastibaking) & completing chores more slowly than required. I have set up a study nook at home where I will endeavour to always be focused. I considered using my bed for study, but due to my propensity to fall asleep once I get within a metre of the bed, I figured I had best select somewhere upright & with no warm blankets or my beloved books.

According to the lectures I have watched so far, I may experiment with being raw-vegan & often in the case of vegos, experiment with meat (unlikely in my case, having been pescetarian for nearly 18 years).

My intentions I feel that by publishing them online, I am less likely to go back on them, because what is said on the internet is always true, right? I want to become a Health Coach.

Why? I believe there is a place for conventional medicine. Many of my family are Doctors & Nurses, & I cannot stress how much respect I have for them. I don’t feel I could ever do their job. I believe there is a place in society for people who can ease the burden on the healthcare system by assisting people with “food as medicine”. Do you as a taxpayer, want to help fund thousands of people whose conditions could be significantly reduced through what they eat, avoiding additional stress on our Doctors & Nurses? I want to educate people, children especially, & make people enjoy healthy food & a style of eating individual to them, IIN’s approach is that everyone is different so where 5:2 may work for my parents, my sister & her boyfriend are perhaps better suited to a high fat, high protein diet; & my brother is a mix of Paleo with a few other foods he needs to avoid.

That’s enough food for thought for tonight (pun intended). Thank-you all for your support on this exciting new journey.


Elimination diet | the weekend

I find the weekend harder to avoid certain foods, as we are often out & tend to grab something on the go. 

Saturday morning we braved the fog & cold & went to our local markets. I am trying to move from soy milk to almond milk but they had run out so I compromised as I needed something to keep my hands warm!

I had a busy afternoon picking up a family friend’s son from the airport then taking him to the hospital where his little sister is & stayed there a while. 

Saturday food: soy milk latte, buckwheat carob crisp bread (which I later realised had dairy – another face plant by me, thinking it was vegan). A raw vegan smoothie containing 1 beetroot, 1 avocado, 1 banana, coconut milk, cinnamon & vanilla. 2 organic apples, organic carrot sticks with pesticide free almond butter. Dinner: we went out to dinner – a group of 13 of us & I had to explain my restrictions BUT omitted chilli/spice. I had olives (probably about 10-15), 2 King prawns coated in tapioca flour, calamari coated in almond meal, with chilli, a grapefruit granita. Plus quite a lot of white wine. Followed by going to a bar & 3 or 4 vodka sodas with fresh lime.

Sunday: I woke feeling horrendous – like I was going to vomit & a thumping headache. I’m not much of a drinker & I got a little overexcited with my friends! My face looked pretty good – no excess spots or redness. 

Smoothie with 1 banana, 1 ruby red orange, 1 handful baby spinach, 1 handful frozen raspberries. I still felt sick after so had half a sweet potato, roasted. Hockey game. One Apple post-game. I was craving bread (perhaps just something denser than fruit/veg) so bought a Rice Loaf. It was pretty good, especially for a cynic like me when it comes to gluten making a good bread! I had 4 pieces with olive oil & Himalayan pink salt. Dinner: 1 sweet potato, 3 parsnips, broccoli & cauliflower with oregano & olive oil. 
Negatives: I haven’t had eggs since Friday. I wish I’d gone a bit easier on the alcohol. 

Positives: really enjoying interacting with the people working at the Farmer’s Marker I go to every week & buying more & more organic fruit & veg. A lot more conscious of what goes into my mouth. 


Day 7

I am not one to stare at myself in the mirror in the mornings but my skin has been looking substantially better each morning for the last 5 days & it makes me happy. Amazing how something so simple can make us so appreciative about our health.

Dermatologist: No wonder we are all so confused. I read a post only days ago about Rosehip oil being ok for oily skin. This morning I had a dermatologist appointment & he told me to buy a “supermarket brand oil free moisturiser” & not use Rosehip oil on my naturally oily skin. He is also the third person (along with a GP & Naturopath) to diagnose me with “adult onset acne“. He said you would be surprised how many women over the age of 30 it happens to. He has prescribed “Doxy” tablets & “ReTrieve” vitamin A cream which he has warned me is extremely strong. 
I am a believer in fate to an extent so hear me out: last night on Facebook, I saw a post about someone potentially needing a hysterectomy due to a Mirena IUD becoming embedded. I looked up the address of the Dermatologist for the following morning & realised the obstetrician who I haven’t had an appointment with in nearly 4 years since he put in the IUD is located 4 levels below the Dermatologist. I made an executive decision to have the IUD removed. But of course nothing is that easy, i need to go back to my GP to get a referral to get the Obstetrician to have it removed.  


Morning: almond milk latte, followed by breakfast with a friend – 2 soft boiled eggs, gluten-free bread, roast tomato, pea smash & avocado with an almond milk latte (2nd for the day). My sons each ordered a juice in a jar including mango, pineapple, turmeric & ginger. Neither of them liked it so being the hater-of-waste I am, I drank one of them. Then read the label. It contained yoghurt – I am so angry at myself as I haven’t craved dairy, it was a genuine accident. I almost immediately had an upset tummy which could have been pure coincidence. Lunch: carrot sticks, celery sticks, pesticide-free almond butter. 45 grams Pana raw vegan organic mint chocolate (it was a gift, I promise!) AND 45g Pana raw vegan orange chocolate. Oopsy. Dinner: 3 x sardine fillets, pan-fried, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots roasted in Rosemary. Post-dinner: smoothie containing black chia seeds, raspberries, banana, coconut milk, avocado, cinnamon & vanilla.

day 6 | my 3 weeks gluten-free, dairy-free & spice free

Day 6: I woke feeling much the same as every day – ugh, I want more sleep. I didn’t have time to make myself food to take to work due to a busy morning with the children. Do any single parents trying to get 2 children out the door find it harder than you would think?!

Morning food: Ginger & pear Kombucha, Fine Fettle “flats” – apple & Berry (ingredients: Apple, berries, almonds, buckwheat, linseed, maple syrup). Lunch: whole pack of beetroot & hazelnut flats (beetroot, apple, hazelnuts, linseed, lemon juce, salt). 2 cups genmai Cha organic tea. 2 x Kuranda fig & walnut bars. Afternoon: salted cashews & hazelnuts, tamari almonds. Soy latte & a short black. Dinner: yummmmmy tuna, organic pasta sauce, organic broccoli, organic parsley, lemon zest & freshly squeezed lemon. Very satisfying! After dinner: 2 cups Madame Flavour mint & lavender tea (current obsessions!) Dessert: you guessed it – home made chocolate – this one was pretty good – cacao, coconut oil, rice malt syrup, hulled tahini & in the middle, one slice of banana.
What I did well today: same as every day in that I had none of the “banned” foods. Dry brushed, then moisturizer with almond oil after the shower. Vitamin E on worst part of the rash on my face. I was calm all evening after getting home from work until the boys went to sleep. I admit sometimes after 3 days at work, my little one at daycare & my older son currently on holidays (so being juggled between family & vacation care), I am tired. 

What I did badly: poor intake of fruit & veg, no proper breakfast or lunch. As per many days, did not leave the office from 9am-5pm so sat under fluoro lights with no natural light for 8 hours straight. Have not had any eggs in 3 days (sorry Anthia!). Forgot the tonic this morning so had to have the whole days quantity in one revolting shot – which, on the plus side, should be enough to prevent me doing it again! 

Tomorrow morning is the Dermatologist appointment – I am really interested to hear his diagnosis of the rash on my face…