Naturopath visit

Yesterday I had my first Naturopath appointment. I was so excited about it (perhaps in part the promise of one hour child free….). I have been put on a 21 day tailored food plan.

It is NOT a diet.

It is a minimal elimination diet to see whether any improvement can be made to my skin which has in the last few months been getting progressively worse with a “rash” down both cheeks, to my chin, in almost a mirror image.

Please let me stress this is a personalized plan & not for other people to follow! I’m only writing about it to share my journey.

Fortunately in the last week I have been watching the “Fundamentals” lectures for Institution of Integrative Nutrition, which I will be commencing in 10 days….in one of the lectures the speaker emphasized not what you can’t have, but what you can have; aka “crowding out”.

So my food plan includes/excludes the following:

1. No gluten

2. No dairy – this is a tough one for me as I eat a LOT OF CHEESE (ahem, did eat…)

3. No corn thins – I was eating a lot of these as I thought they were a ‘healthy’ type of cracker, & a vehicle for aforementioned cheese

4. Eggs must be “open pasture” which is a sh*tload better than the murky term free-range.

5. Eat 2 eggs or sustainable seafood on alternate days

6. “Dirty dozen” must be organic

7. No peanut butter
Friday 3 July – I had my appointment in the morning, so the plan started from lunch time.


So far I’ve done 2 shopping trips. Thankfully I already had a lot of the products at home.

Thomas Dux: Meredith Sheep’s milk yoghurt (only ‘dairy’ I can have) & fresh prawns.

Orange Grove Markets: ACO cabbage, ACO rainbow chard, ACO cucumbers, ACO Country Range Farmers eggs, ACO turmeric, ACO ginger, ACO parsley.

*ACO = Australian Certified Organic

Prawns cooked in ginger, turmeric & olive oil 

Rice noodles


Sesame oil


Almond milk latte

First day of taking the herb tonic from Ovvio – to me it tasted like a strong alcoholic shot, with no warm & fuzzy feeling afterwards.

Organic coconut milk


Avocado x 1

Organic baby spinach

Heilala vanilla powder

Topped with organic strawberries & black chia seeds

1 x certified organic pink lady apple


 Hockey match so unfortunately no opportunity for lunch


1 x large certified organic purple carrot

6 certified organic strawberries

**herb tonic

Home made quiche – I loosely followed a recipe: crust made from buckwheat flour, almond meal, coconut flour, butter & egg. Filling: roast sweet potato, 3 certified organic eggs, parsley, rainbow chard & baby spinach.

2 cups Qi white & fruity organic tea

1 cup warm water with freshly squeezed lemon

1 Clipper organic green chai tea


Home made vegan chocolate with coconut oil, coconut butter, cacao, stevia & hulled tahini (only unhulled is on the banned list!)


Body/legs: almond oil, which I have added lavender oil to.

Face: Sukin Rosehip oil

Stretch marks: Plunkett’s Vitamin E oil (first time using this)


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