Elimination Diet | Day 7

I am not one to stare at myself in the mirror in the mornings but my skin has been looking substantially better each morning for the last 5 days & it makes me happy. Amazing how something so simple can make us so appreciative about our health.

Dermatologist: No wonder we are all so confused. I read a post only days ago about Rosehip oil being ok for oily skin. This morning I had a dermatologist appointment & he told me to buy a “supermarket brand oil free moisturiser” & not use Rosehip oil on my naturally oily skin. He is also the third person (along with a GP & Naturopath) to diagnose me with “adult onset acne“. He said you would be surprised how many women over the age of 30 it happens to. He has prescribed “Doxy” tablets & “ReTrieve” vitamin A cream which he has warned me is extremely strong. 
I am a believer in fate to an extent so hear me out: last night on Facebook, I saw a post about someone potentially needing a hysterectomy due to a Mirena IUD becoming embedded. I looked up the address of the Dermatologist for the following morning & realised the obstetrician who I haven’t had an appointment with in nearly 4 years since he put in the IUD is located 4 levels below the Dermatologist. I made an executive decision to have the IUD removed. But of course nothing is that easy, i need to go back to my GP to get a referral to get the Obstetrician to have it removed.  


Morning: almond milk latte, followed by breakfast with a friend – 2 soft boiled eggs, gluten-free bread, roast tomato, pea smash & avocado with an almond milk latte (2nd for the day). My sons each ordered a juice in a jar including mango, pineapple, turmeric & ginger. Neither of them liked it so being the hater-of-waste I am, I drank one of them. Then read the label. It contained yoghurt – I am so angry at myself as I haven’t craved dairy, it was a genuine accident. I almost immediately had an upset tummy which could have been pure coincidence. Lunch: carrot sticks, celery sticks, pesticide-free almond butter. 45 grams Pana raw vegan organic mint chocolate (it was a gift, I promise!) AND 45g Pana raw vegan orange chocolate. Oopsy. Dinner: 3 x sardine fillets, pan-fried, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots roasted in Rosemary. Post-dinner: smoothie containing black chia seeds, raspberries, banana, coconut milk, avocado, cinnamon & vanilla.

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