I’m officially a student of IIN

Hi y’all


This week I commenced my studies to become a Health Coach through the
Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

My first assignment is to tell my family & friends what I am doing!! My studies will take up about 5 hours a week, time that was previously spent idly scrolling through instagram, procrastinating (& a fair bit of procrastibaking) & completing chores more slowly than required. I have set up a study nook at home where I will endeavour to always be focused. I considered using my bed for study, but due to my propensity to fall asleep once I get within a metre of the bed, I figured I had best select somewhere upright & with no warm blankets or my beloved books.

According to the lectures I have watched so far, I may experiment with being raw-vegan & often in the case of vegos, experiment with meat (unlikely in my case, having been pescetarian for nearly 18 years).

My intentions I feel that by publishing them online, I am less likely to go back on them, because what is said on the internet is always true, right? I want to become a Health Coach.

Why? I believe there is a place for conventional medicine. Many of my family are Doctors & Nurses, & I cannot stress how much respect I have for them. I don’t feel I could ever do their job. I believe there is a place in society for people who can ease the burden on the healthcare system by assisting people with “food as medicine”. Do you as a taxpayer, want to help fund thousands of people whose conditions could be significantly reduced through what they eat, avoiding additional stress on our Doctors & Nurses? I want to educate people, children especially, & make people enjoy healthy food & a style of eating individual to them, IIN’s approach is that everyone is different so where 5:2 may work for my parents, my sister & her boyfriend are perhaps better suited to a high fat, high protein diet; & my brother is a mix of Paleo with a few other foods he needs to avoid.

That’s enough food for thought for tonight (pun intended). Thank-you all for your support on this exciting new journey.

 Studying at IIN | 6 Clean Ingredients 

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