Second week | elimination diet

I’m kick starting the week with excitement & trepidation. I have officially started my course through IIN.

My 4 year old has major anger management issues – when he is angry he will utilise anything in his reach as a weapon: on Monday alone: all the magnets pulled off the fridge, a ball thrown in the bin, my new coffee table has an irreparable scratch due to him scratching his red toy bus along it, all the dining chairs knocked over, a water bottle thrown at a window intentionally, a glass of water intentionally spilt on carpet.

Monday: breakfast – 2 slices of rice bread with 2 organic eggs, poached by moi. My first attempt at poaching, let’s just say I will hope to refine my poaching skills. Black organic coffee. More rice loaf x 2 slices with olive oil, sprinkles of oregano & Himalayan pink salt. Dinner: made another quiche – with an almond meal, buckwheat & olive oil crust. The filling included organic eggs, pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, oregano & quinoa. Dessert: home made chocolate (all organic ingredients) – cacao, coconut oil, coconut butter, cacao butter, Pureharvest rice malt syrup.

Tuesday: again I did not start the working week in style. 830am: 2 slices rice loaf, toasted then I dipped in olive oil, oregano & Himalayan pink salt. I am being totally honest here – at 930am: kombucha, raw vegan chocolate beetroot cake, 1 organic apple. Lunch: leftover quiche (see above) with organic baby spinach leaves. Afternoon tea: raw mixed nuts. A pot of elderflower & blueberry tea. I have not felt hungry all day. Dinner: pan-fried prawns in organic ginger, organic turmeric & olive oil with organic cauliflower, organic sweet potato & organic cos lettuce. I feel really full & satisfied but not that sleepy “food coma” feeling.

Wednesday: brain freeze. I can’t remember what I ate during the day but dinner was a salad with tinned tuna in oil, tomatoes, raw cauliflower, carrots. So cute, my mum made it for me & it was a lovely rainbow salad.

Thursday: my colleague was tired & hormonal so let’s use her as the excuse that my lunch was gluten-free vegan sweet potato chips & zucchini fries. We only had this at 3pm so I really wasn’t hungry again til after 7pm & couldn’t be bothered to make anything so had some gluten-free fruit toast, carrot sticks & almond butter.

Friday: breakfast was 2 slices of gluten-free fruit toast & organic black coffee. I also had a piece of my home made purple carrot, banana & buckwheat loaf. It is funny how excited I get when I discover a product that is gluten-free & dairy free – yesterday was Fresh Fodder taramasalata. I wolfed down half the container with organic carrot slices & some of it with a snack size pack of Fine Fettle zucchini & almond flats. Dinner was a delicious vegan stew – green beans, cauliflower, fennel, a tomato based sauce & green olives.

Saturday: breakfast was 2 slices of gluten-free fruit toast. At the markets, I had an almond milk latte. My son requested a freshly squeezed carrot juice at the markets (I didn’t know he even liked carrot juice?!) but I think there was too much ginger in it so he didn’t want it & I drank it. Lunch: remainder of taramasalata & a snack size pack of Fine Fettle zucchini & almond flats. Afternoon tea: 1 home made Oreo made from cacao, almond meal, rice malt syrup & coconut oil. Dinner was 4 slices of rice loaf with organic mayo (gluten-free, dairy-free & free from sugar/corn syrup), organic parsley & organic smoked salmon. 2 x roast parsnips with dried oregano & Himalayan pink salt.

I am feeling more satiated – not sure if this is the introduction of more consistent protein in the form of eggs & seafood? I am eating a lot more organic fruit & vegetables.

ZERO alcohol consumed (which is pretty normal for me anyway).


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