2 months gluten-free & dairy-free

Well a full 2 months has passed since I ditched gluten & dairy from my diet in the hopes of clearing up my skin.

  • My skin is not better but I feel that it has been a really great learning curve in many ways.
  • I have expanded my repertoire in the kitchen & have dined out in cafes/restaurants less than ever.
  • I buy limited products at the supermarket, a fair bit at health food shops & the balance at my local Farmer’s Market.
  • by crowding out gluten & dairy, I’ve been enjoying even more delicious meals – I’ve added in more raw greens (raw broccolini cut in salads is delicious), baby Tuscan kale is delicious, I’ve nearly perfected a gluten-free quiche crust. I’m nearly able to boil the perfect egg. I’ve eaten more avocadoes in the last 2 months than in my whole life combined.
  • I have realised how little alcohol I drink these days – just 4 times in the last 2 months & all on social occasions.

Doing this elimination diet concurrently with studying through IIN has been beneficial in so many ways – it has made me empathise more with what other people go through when dieting/eliminating/avoiding foods. I had never done a diet in my life before this (apart from one time as a teenager when me & my friend Katie decided to do a diet & lasted oh, about 40 minutes, before we decided burritos were a brilliant idea)
I can eat eggs most of the time without gagging (but often still struggle to eat them).
I am still not amazing at eating sustainable seafood every second day. If I had a personal chef & was served a piece of salmon, sardine fillets, oysters, squid, barramundi or prawns, I would be thrilled but it all seems like an effort at the end of a long day at work with tired children in tow. I don’t make it to the seafood shop even though it is only 100 metres from my home.

I’ve been taking zinc & Vitamin D supplements for one month.
I have been getting a little more sunlight on my forearms where possible – get in me Vitamin D!

There have been 3 mornings I have woken up with distinctly better skin:

  1. I was doing a live-in nanny job for a family whose kids I have looked after for 10 years. It was a peaceful night, I didn’t sleep long enough (about 6 hours)
  2. After a night out to dinner with friends. I had spices but no gluten or dairy. I had way too many drinks – which for me means about 3 glasses of wine & 2-3 vodka sodas with fresh lime. I slept at home this night, but it was a child-free night. I woke up feeling HORRENDOUS but with fabulous skin.
  3. a night out for a girl friend’s housewarming last week. I got home at 1am, much later than my normal bedtime, & slept about 7-8 hours. I drank vodka soda with fresh lime. I slept at my parents house.

So in conclusion, I had slept in three different houses, but the common theme was having a RELAXING night out. My conclusion, as an unqualified nobody, is that the ‘rash’ is caused by stress.

So the next issue / question is how to resolve this. I don’t think of myself as a ‘stressed’ person & I am always conscious that there are people out there much worse off than me. I have family. I have 2 beautiful sons who drive me mad daily. I have a (recently repaired) roof over my head. I have a job. I have lovely friends, many of whom I have known for close to 30 years. I am loving my study. I enjoy my morning run/walk to work (most days), despite always being in a rush. I love cooking meals every day. I love playing hockey for my club. So what is making me stressed?

Now can somebody pass me a piece of bread & wheel of cheese?


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