Rushing Woman’s Syndrome

I have just commenced reading a FABULOUS book by Dr Libby weaver called Rushing Woman’s Syndrome.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I find so many elements so relatable.

It kicks off with a checklist, which I of course immediately ticked yes yes yes to:

1. I never feel like there are enough hours in the day (but then I get exhausted & pass out with completing everything on my list).

2. Overreact easily, even when I don’t show it outwardly. 

3. Can’t sit down as I will feel guilty….sit down if beyond tired but still feel guilty. This is a classic one for me – I always feel guilty when I sit down, knowing the tens of tasks that I could be doing

4. Wants to speed when she drives, whether she needs to or not. At this stage I could swear this book was based on me – I always have the mentality that driving in the car is unproductive so the quicker I drive, the quicker I can get to my next destination / task.

5. Has no solitude or time for self & tells you that is selfish & a luxury she will never have. Yep – I’ve spent the last 6 years bringing up two sons, working between 2-4 days per week, playing hockey, moving house twice, sly tidying through IIN, working for a catering company, babysitting jobs & generally ensuring my schedule is so cramped that I don’t have time for myself.

6. Constantly looking for ways to be praised. Yes.

7. Doesn’t usually ask for help. One of my greatest traits (not)

8. Can’t say no easily & if she does, feels guilty. Of course – if I get asked to work on an evening I have no plans, how can I say no?! 

Home made low-fructose vegan chocolate 

There’s something very dangerous I need to tell you: how to make your own vegan chocolate. At home. In 5 minutes.

Keeping in line with my name, it also contains 6 ingredients only.


150g (3/4 cup) cacao butter. I use Naked Foods this time.
40g (1/2 cup) cacao
35g (3 tbspns) chia seeds
100g tahini. This time I used the Woolworths Macro organic brand.
75g (1/4 cup) Pureharvest Rice Malt Syrup
Optional: 1 tspn vanilla powder (I use Heilala) &/or 3 tbspns desiccated coconut


note: I never bring this recipe to boil, it remains on a heat just high enough to melt cacao butter

1. Melt the cacao butter on a low heat.
2. Once melted, add in the tahini, cacao & chia seeds. Add the vanilla powder here if you are using it.
3. Remove from heat & stir in the rice malt syrup. Taste to see if you feel it needs to be sweeter.
4. Pour into moulds – I used a silicone cake loaf ‘tin’ & some individual silicone muffins holders. Place straight into the freezer & leave for a minimum 40 minutes.

Healthy eating while on holidays

You’ve heard the story a thousand times of people putting on weight & eating whatever they feel like over Christmas.

I’m all for a bit of indulgence when it is served. Literally. If you are a guest at Christmas & you are offered a pudding, it’s ok to say yes. Getting in the car especially to buy a box of chocolates or tub of ice-cream for yourself is not ok. 

For me, being at the 22 day mark of our holiday have decided it IS possible to not only eat healthily but also to get other people on board. We have been fortunate in that we have been staying with family in London & Edinburgh, rented a house in the Scottish Highlands & stayed with a friend in Dublin. This meant visits to the supermarkets – which happens to be one of my favourite things to do in a foreign country!

Our bodies thrive on food specific to the climate – to give you an extreme example, do you think Eskimos would thrive on a diet of mangoes & pineapple? For me this means big leafy, green salads complimented with lots of roast veg – sweet potato, parsnip, cauliflower, broccoli with sprinkles of roast nuts & seeds. It also reiterates to me that the import of tropical fruits is unnecessary on so many levels – our bodies don’t thrive on tropical fruits in winter weather of less than 5 degrees. The fruits are often picked very early, meaning they don’t ripen properly & are devoid of taste (coming from a spoilt Aussie used to locally sourced fruit & veg). For breakfast, we have been enjoying locally sourced eggs – a lot from my Aunt’s Hens, tomatoes, some wholemeal bread (I was 95% gluten-free for 5 months leading up to this holiday but found most of the gluten-free bread in Tesco was packed with sugar).

So get in charge of the shopping list & make some suggestions for meals.