Rushing Woman’s Syndrome

I have just commenced reading a FABULOUS book by Dr Libby weaver called Rushing Woman’s Syndrome.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I find so many elements so relatable.

It kicks off with a checklist, which I of course immediately ticked yes yes yes to:

1. I never feel like there are enough hours in the day (but then I get exhausted & pass out with completing everything on my list).

2. Overreact easily, even when I don’t show it outwardly. 

3. Can’t sit down as I will feel guilty….sit down if beyond tired but still feel guilty. This is a classic one for me – I always feel guilty when I sit down, knowing the tens of tasks that I could be doing

4. Wants to speed when she drives, whether she needs to or not. At this stage I could swear this book was based on me – I always have the mentality that driving in the car is unproductive so the quicker I drive, the quicker I can get to my next destination / task.

5. Has no solitude or time for self & tells you that is selfish & a luxury she will never have. Yep – I’ve spent the last 6 years bringing up two sons, working between 2-4 days per week, playing hockey, moving house twice, sly tidying through IIN, working for a catering company, babysitting jobs & generally ensuring my schedule is so cramped that I don’t have time for myself.

6. Constantly looking for ways to be praised. Yes.

7. Doesn’t usually ask for help. One of my greatest traits (not)

8. Can’t say no easily & if she does, feels guilty. Of course – if I get asked to work on an evening I have no plans, how can I say no?! 

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