Changing (eating) habits

I just read a great article by Leanne Cooper which reminded me how simple it can be to tackle our eating habits, one at a time, so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming.
1. focus on one habit such as late night snacking, & once you have established a new habit of not doing this, move onto the next thing.
2. Changing the eating environment: having meals prepared in advance to stop you eating rubbish such as when you arrive home (I am guilty of rummaging through the pantry, stuffing in a handful of nuts, eating a piece of toast, picking at the kids leftovers when I get home from work, then not wanting to eat a full  ).
3. The golden rule (which I am yet to abide by, but maybe 2016 is my year): if you still feel hungry after a meal, wait 20 minutes, then if you’re still hungry, eat something else. This is how long the stomach takes to get the food into the intestinal canal which subsequently sends a message to us saying “Hey, I don’t actually need cheese & crackers / an apple / a block of chocolate” (ie satiety).
As a personal opinion, I also feel that eating too early in the morning; or too late at night doesn’t serve my body – so I don’t do it, unless on the odd occasion we are out to dinner & the meal doesn’t arrive until later.
Last, but definitely not least would be my recommendation to stay hydrated – if you feel hungry, choose a lovely herbal tea that my quench your de-hydration, masked as hunger. I am a huge fan of Clipper organic teas, who use unbleached bags. I always have a pack of their white tea, white tea with vanilla, lemon & ginger, & peppermint at home. If you feel like something a little sweeter, Higher Living makes a delicious organic white tea with strawberry. No added nasties & gives you a slight ‘sweet’ hit.

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