It’s been a bit of a buzz word in my studies through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, in particular how to heal it.

There are many things that affect our microbiome, primarily:
1. The use of pesticides in foods
2. The overuse of antibiotics – please note, I am not judging anyone. My first son had repeated ear infections & I continued to give him antibiotics as I wanted him to get better. In the end he was operated on as his ears would not clear & it disrupted his speech development.
3. The way we are born – whether vaginal or caesarean. Babies born vaginally get their first inoculation with healthy bacterias from their Mother’s vagina.
4. Whether we are breastfed or formula-fed

So what is the Microbiome? It is the trillions of tiny bugs that live in your gut.Sounds gross, but actually most of them do good.

If research is correct, when our micriobiome is in balance, it can affect our health in a positive way. If our microbiome is thrown out, primarily by the factors above, the good news is we can fix it.

Fixing the microbiome
1. Do not use hand sanitiser – it limits our exposure to a wide variety of microbes, that could otherwise be beneficial
2. Get outdoors & get dirty – ever heard the saying a bit of dirt never hurt anyone?
3. Food: do not eat foods that are processed, genetically-modified, contain sugar or wheat. Also factory-farmed meats which tend to be given a lot of antibiotics (ironically to keep them alive, just to be slaughtered)
4. Minimise antibiotic consumption
5. Take a pro-biotic, ideally with 20-50 billion live organisms per dose
6. Be green. Eat plants, many of them, ideally organically grown.
7. Eat probiotic (fermented) foods, such as sauerkraut, kim chi, kombucha & pickled veggies. Like you already needed an excuse – kombucha is delicious, add

Microbiome reading
I love this article by Neurologist David Perlmutter.
This post by Kendall K Morgan is also an easy readDr Frank Lipman has also written on how to build a better microbiome


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