Ferinject | iron infusion

First of all, a huge thumbs up to the lovely team at Prince of Wales Private Hospital in Randwick, Sydney who were on morning shift on Thursday 25 August 2016. What a friendly, lovely team of ladies! I think it was Natalia, Justine & Christina (from Glasgow). I get this thing which is kind of the opposite of “white coat syndrome” where I go into a deep relaxation in hospital bc I feel that I’m surrounded by professionals who can help with almost any issue I may have. So in a way, I zone out. 

I was in hospital today to have an iron infusion (Ferinject) as my levels are so low  – measurement 12, at almost 29 weeks pregnant. This is new since having my last two sons – when I had to gag down revolting iron medicine daily.

They have to monitor baby for half an hour before giving the infusion – of course my baby refused to stay still & then got hiccups. They had to put a third monitor on to try to get an accurate heart rate from the little wriggler. So my monitoring period took longer than normal. After that it was smooth sailing – infusion, followed by saline, followed by more baby monitoring then I was out of there. 

As a side note, the elastic like belts that were used today were given to me & the Midwife asked that to minimise wastage that I bring them back when I have baby. Love to see a bit of sustainability! 

Although I haven’t had the chance to experience the outcome yet, I’m really hopeful I’ll feel more energetic as I have been exhausted. I also think I’ve been inadvertently eating more than I need to as my body seeks iron rich food. Perhaps it is just having an active 5 & 6 year old, along with working 4 days a week & managing a renovation. Life is full, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

I hope you’re having a great week 

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