Low-fructose kids snacks

I see the question pop up all the time of what healthy / low-sugar snacks people can feed their children.

First of all, if a child is genuinely hungry, they are more likely to try something.

Second of all, I am not a Dr or Nutritionist. If your child has sensitivities to certain foods, don’t give it to them.

Third & finally, if you are feeding them in the car, make sure it is age appropriate & not a choking hazard.

The snacks are easier than you think –

Mixed nuts – a nice little hit of protein & fats.

Popcorn – not the most nutrient dense snack but much better & likely lower in salt than a pack of crisps.

Berries – I rinse, dry on a tea towel then throw whole blueberries & strawberries (cut off their heads to minimise mess & maximise the actual strawberry they eat).

Carrot sticks. I find organic carrot sticks much sweeter & my sons aged 5 & 6, ask for them.

Qukes / baby cucumbers – rinse them, top & tail if you like.

A wrap with mashed avocado / peanut butter / almond butter / cheese.

Apple with slices of cheese; or crackers with slices of cheese. 

Organic corn chips – not a weekly treat but every so often a good little treat.

Grissini sticks – not a regular snack but low in sugar & can be convenient.

Freeze-dried fruit – maximum one little pack a day & check there is no added sugar.

Home-made pancakes or pikelets – neither contain sugar (but both contain gluten)

I’d love to hear your healthy snack suggestions too – please leave a comment if you have something to add 

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