Why start seeing a Health Coach in 2017?

I constantly get asked about what I do as a Health Coach. We focus on your primary food – including these 4 areas. I like to lead by example but am quite aware I am not perfect & am also refining my primary food constantly.
I believe that if you step on a pin tack, you remove that pin tack, rather than treating it with a nurofen / panadol / something stronger. In other words, I want to get to the root cause of your health issues & resolve them. I am passionate about healthy, low-tox living but also strongly feel there is an important part in our lives for Doctors & other qualified practitioners like Nutritionists. I am not going to claim to cure cancer, diabetes or any serious diseases.
I also won’t tell you to become paleo, vegan, dairy-free or become a meat eater because it is what I believe in. I’m not going to force you to stop drinking alcohol, but I will encourage you to drink in moderation. I will encourage you to find a way of eating that suits YOU (we call this bio-individuality). I am a restaurant’s worst nightmare with my mix of eating – currently (again, your eating can change & evolve) I am gluten-free, pescetarian, low-fructose. I prefer to eat seasonally & organic where possible. I was avoiding dairy for a year on the advice of a Naturopath but now am enjoying it in moderation.
I want to know about your relationships – whether that’s with a partner, family &/or friends. If you are in a relationship, is it a loving one? Do you have a supportive network? If you needed to drop in & chat with a friend, could you name a few people you could do that with? Do you catch up with family or friends regularly & enjoy your time with them?
Are you happy in your career? How do you feel every morning when you wake up & know you have a day of work ahead? Do you enjoy a positive workplace? How does your work life affect your relationships?
Do you enjoy regular physical activity? What is it? How often do you change it up? I am guilty of not doing much physical activity currently & know I feel better when I do it. I also tend to stick to the same activities (running & hockey), when I know I would enjoy swimming & pilates.
Do you have some form of spirituality or hobby that helps you take time out from everything else? It could be bushwalking, religion, collecting stamps (I totally did this as a kid), reading (which I do every night), cooking for enjoyment.
The next element is an obvious one – food. It has the ability to affect our mood & overall wellbeing. As you would have seen from my Instagram feed (no pun intended), food is a pivotal part of my life. I live to eat & am constantly thinking about what I can create for the next meal.
I want to work with you – whether it’s a strategy to get out of a dead end career, do a pantry  sweep, visit the supermarket together to help you get on track, or find a new sport you enjoy & makes you feel good. I also feel that spirituality is really lacking for many people as they are so focused on their careers & relationships – especially working Mums who in my personal experience, get up & do everything to get children ready for the day, drop them to school, do a whole day’s work, then pick up the children, do the whole evening routine & by the time the kids are in bed, they just want a glass of wine & bar of chocolate.

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