Filling vegan meals

I had a message from a lovely follower, Jodie, who wanted suggestions on filling vegan meals. I agree that if you are used to meals heavy on protein including meat, seafood &/or dairy, a vegan meal may seem not as filling.

First of all be sure to include the following:

1. Some form of carbs
– quinoa or black rice are my favourites. There are also some great gluten-free breads, just read the ingredients. I have been using Naturis for years now – their gluten-free bread is free from any additives or preservatives.

2. Good fats
– avocado & olive oil are my staples!

3. Vegan protein
– protein powder in smoothies, chia seeds in everything, nuts on or in everything, seeds (pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds are my go-to)

Some of my filling vegan meals include
Cauliflower kale quinoa salad
Kale, carrot & quinoa salad 

It’s worth trying these delicious dishes too:

Green Kitchen Stories Luise & David not only create wonderful recipes & beautiful images, but they also have 3 children

Sweet potato & lentil stew – just replace the honey with rice malt syrup for strict vegans

Chickpea & za’atar Salad -Just omit the goat’s cheese

The Brown Paper Bag – Jacqueline’s recipes always look mouthwatering. Take a peek at her website & you’ll be hooked.

Singapore noodles with tempeh

Turmeric rice with cauliflower steaks – ghee can be substituted 

My New Roots – needs no introduction! 

My New Roots big comfy sweet potato – just omit the goat’s cheese

My New Roots chickpea tortilla nachos  this looks delicious!

That Sugar Film

Cauliflower Tabbouleh

Tapioca & Almond Porridge

Vegan Pho

Quick cinnamon baked beans

Moroccan vegetable platter – the recipe calls for Greek yoghurt however you could replace with tahini

Teresa Cutter aka The Healthy Chef

Detox veg curry

Green pea & spinach risotto – I would substitute in some nutritional yeast in place of Parmesan for some “cheesiness” 

Earth Burgers

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