13 Christmas presents to impress the eco-nerd in your life

Less than 80 days til Christmas & if you’re anything like me, your intention this year is to get your shopping done early. More & more low-plastic, no-plastic, eco-friendly, biodegradable & reusable options are coming on the market every day. Although I claim to be a minimalist & am not a fan of clutter, the reality is you will be given some presents & it’s always better to receive something you genuinely need. If you have an eco nerd in your life (BTW that’s a compliment), check out this list….

  1. Biome – palm oil free & BPA free, you can find reusable cups, nude lunchboxes, bamboo toothbrushes & (hint hint) stainless steel clothes pegs on this awesome website. It makes eco living look super glamorous
  2. Nourished Life – I buy my low-tox cosmetics from this website which come packaged with paper & in a cardboard box (no plastic). They have everything from reusable coffee cups & water bottles, to menstrual cups & bamboo sheets.
  3. Who Gives a Crap – there’s nothing glamorous about lugging plastic-wrapped TP around the supermarket. These legends drop recycled TP to your doorstep & each roll is wrapped in funky designs. I love their paper towel too. They donate 50% of their profits to building toilets in developing countries.
  4. ONYA – I have had countless people ask me where I got my ONYA produce bags from – they make fruit & veg trips so much easier & plastic-free. I also use them for visits to the beach (the sand filters out easily) & on local & overseas trips –  for packing, but once we arrive at our destination, for grocery runs. I also love their bread bags – if you shop at a local bakery, opposed to a supermarket, just ask them to put it straight in.
  5. Flora & Fauna – it’s incredible to find responsible businesses & these guys give you the option to return your empty cosmetic tubes & containers, which they then sort into appropriate recycling & give you credit on your account for it. They are also Bcorp certified.
  6. Koala Eco – an Australian brand that is ethically produced with essential oils & 100% plant derived products which look gorgeous in any home. Their room spray is the BEST! The only thing that would make them better is if they were packaged in glass, rather than plastic.
  7. Kathmandu – Kathmandu’s fleeces & parts of their backpacks are made from recycled plastic bottles. Their kids ski trousers come with what they call “ex-tend” so that they get more than one season’s use out of them – a quick unhook of a few stitches & you gain an inch or so length.
  8. Berkey water filter –  If anyone is reading this & wants to know what to get me for my birthday or Christmas, this is high on my list. If you really want to get specific, it’s the Travel Berkey I’ve been eyeing off a while now.
  9. Bamboo Sheets – bamboo is a much more sustainable option than cotton as it is fast growing, requires less water to grow as well as less pesticides. Check out Ecosa & Ettitude.
  10. Vouchers – whether it’s for your favourite Health Food Stores (Wholefoods House), to a Pilates studio (check out Bodylove Studio), or for a Bookshop, this is a great option for that person who has everything & really doesn’t need another scarf! I know travel is controversial for many due to the environmental impact however I do believe we have to live & are fortunate to have the opportunity to travel. We tread lightly where possible – minimal packing, bringing reusables & shopping locally.
  11. Seeds or seedlings – as we are in Spring, I am currently a little garden obsessed. It’s true every morning I pop into my garden to see if any seedlings have popped through or any flowers have bloomed. Encouraging friends & family to GTO (Grow Their Own), is an environmentally sensible decision & can be hugely rewarding – whether it’s seeing your flowers in full bloom or being able to pick lettuce leaves to add to your dinner.
  12. Essential oils – I love doTerra (especially their On Guard) & Young Living  – oils are a brilliant product as they come concentrated in small glass bottles, & can be made into everything from air fresheners, to assisting calm little people & help with early onset illness
  13. Elke native (stingless) bees – I have become more & more bee obsessed over the last few years, seeing no less than 3 different types of bees loving our garden when everything is in bloom. Seeing small local companies setting up native bee ‘hives’ with the purpose of contributing to Australia’s local food & bio security is seriously impressive

So get out there & support companies who are having a positive impact on our environment by providing us sustainable, ethical, environmentally friendly options.

Koala Eco room spray
Koala Eco room spray


TP done right
Who Gives a Crap toilet paper

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