My top 5 instaspirations

As much as it can be challenging to sift through the volumes of inaccurate & sometimes downright dangerous advice on Social Media, there are also some incredibly inspiring people out there.

Jacqui Scruby. I first met Jacqui when she worked with a friend of mine – no doubt I was sipping a sugar filled alcoholic drink through a plastic straw (insert eye roll). Fast forward about 20 years & I am a huge fan & advocate for Jacqui’s lifestyle. Not only is she passionate about low-tox & plastic-free living but she is also campaigning & educating her children who are also fast becoming advocates for their lifestyle. Oh & did I mention they have recently fulfilled every family’s dream: travelling the world while homeschooling & even offsetting their emissions – check it out on Insta here. She also is the Master of 6 weeks to plastic free – great way to start 2020 with her epic Course to learn to get the ick with plastic.

Becoming Fully Human – Camille Julia – I met Cam soon after she had been housemates with my brother. A word of warning, she is not for the faint hearted but is the most genuine person living an incredible authentic life. She is travelling currently (eternally?) & posts almost daily all the incredible organic, locally sourced food she finds. She is inadvertently an advocate of a plastic-free lifestyle due to her mindful consumption, taking time to eat in cafes / restaurants / making her own food in carefully sourced Airbnbs. She has a firm idea in her head of what she wants in life – even I can see the appeal of living off the grid with a tribe of small people. She & I don’t agree on everything, but I still have a lot of respect for her living authentically & genuinely trying to help people in a no BS way. Just don’t get her started on tap water. You can also check out her website here.

Catie Gett from The Staple Store I’ve never visited her store (much as I would love to), never met her or even had an online conversation but I am in awe of how this woman runs her store, preaches gently but assertively & also wears a Supermama cape. I’ve repeated one of her posts on multiple occasions where she essentially tells people why doing one healthy thing doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option – in this case she talks about not sourcing Himalayan salt because it is not environmentally sustainable even if it is plastic-free/sold by the scoop. I love her no nonsense approach but it never seems offensive or in your face.

Fashion Revolution – Ok, so this is the one account who DOES have a huge following & you should totally get on the bandwagon. I am aware of my impact on the planet but know there is more I can do to lessen our footprint (especially with three children who are seemingly endlessly growing out of their clothes & shoes). this incredible women re-affirms the huge impact our fashion choices and shopping habits have on the planet. If you’re not on Insta, you can also check them out here.

Tom Walton aka @cheftomwalton – OH MAAAA GOSH. Seriously I have never seen a post I don’t immediately love of Tom’s. Far out – my words won’t really do it justice so let’s just say he makes the most delicious looking vegetarian meals that would tempt the most omnivorous jump to the green side. I just wish IRL he would drop over some of meals, you know, I would be a great CTT (Chief Taste Tester)….

Camille Julia - aka becoming fully human
The incredible Camille Julia…living her best life…always
Jacqui Scruby - the entrepreneur behind 6 weeks to Plastic Free
Jacqui Scruby – living her best Plastic Free life & teaching you to do the same
The Staple Store (Melbourne) owned by Catie Gett
The Staple Store (Melbourne) – owned by the incredible Catie Gett

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