Dientamoeba Fragilis

When I received a call from our family GP in June 2017 telling me that my six-year-old son had Dientamoeba Fragilis, I was totally unsure how treatment would progress. She told me it was great that tests had uncovered what was going on in his tummy BUT there has been conflict between doctors on whether … Continue reading Dientamoeba Fragilis

Food in schools

Feeling so inspired from Module 32 of my Institute for Integrative Nutrition study, which focused on changing the food in children's schools. Granted the lectures were all based on the USA, where children eat school meals, as opposed to in Australia where most children take their own lunches, or occasionally order from the canteen. Regardless, … Continue reading Food in schools

Changing (eating) habits

I just read a great article by Leanne Cooper which reminded me how simple it can be to tackle our eating habits, one at a time, so it doesn't feel too overwhelming. 1. focus on one habit such as late night snacking, & once you have established a new habit of not doing this, move … Continue reading Changing (eating) habits

Rushing Woman’s Syndrome

I have just commenced reading a FABULOUS book by Dr Libby weaver called Rushing Woman's Syndrome. I don't know about anyone else, but I find so many elements so relatable. It kicks off with a checklist, which I of course immediately ticked yes yes yes to: 1. I never feel like there are enough hours … Continue reading Rushing Woman’s Syndrome

Apple & Rhubarb | V

Apple & rhubarb is one of my favourite flavour combinations. I simply stew it & then serve however greedy I am feeling on the day. Today I made the Apple & rhubarb, then made it into: 1. overnight Bircher buckwheat - it's delicious when the buckwheat softens up & can be served with a generous … Continue reading Apple & Rhubarb | V

Hazelnut cookies | GF DF RSF ️VEGAN 

You can purchase hazelnut meal but if you can't find it, just buy some hazelnuts & pop in the spice grinder for about 5-10 seconds until they become a flour/meal consistency. 1 cup hazelnut meal2 tbspns coconut oil2 tbspns rice malt syrup1/2 tspn bicarb sodaOptional: top cookies with cacao nibs, or mix through the doughMETHODThese are … Continue reading Hazelnut cookies | GF DF RSF ️VEGAN 

sweet potato & haloumi summer salad | vegetarian

This is another massive salad made for a family meal with my Mum, Dad, brother & sister. This enormous salad bowl (approx 50cm diameter) was a Christmas present from my brother - meant to put all salad ingredients in, then toss & put in a more suitable bowl for the table but of course, this … Continue reading sweet potato & haloumi summer salad | vegetarian

One small change

Loving Earth has launched a "one small change" campaign - you can check it out on Instagram @onesmallchange_ I had a think about my lifestyle changes since having kids nearly 4 years ago. I've always loved a good party, but never had the lifestyle associated with someone who parties a lot. I have become more … Continue reading One small change