I am an Accountability & Health Coach, having qualified from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2016.

I believe in modern medicine & always recommend you visit a Doctor for anything serious.

Pantry de-tox

A one off session in your home to make your pantry both nourishing and easy to navigate, plus plastic-free

Health Consult

I look at a combination of career, relationships, spirituality, physical activity & toxin load & their contribution to your health


Work with me on one off or long-term projects including graphic design, project management & marketing strategy for your small to medium hospitality business.

My passions lie in maternal health, especially return to work Mums juggling full lives with young children. I have a genuine passion for healthy living – enjoying nutrient dense seasonal food, limiting the toxins in our home & surrounding environment, as well as encouraging movement every day, whether that’s a slow yoga class, a run, or an intense F45 class. I believe that relationships are a fundamental contributor to your wellness – whether that’s a group of friends, family, or a co-habiting relationship. Your wellbeing is my priority. Where I differ to a Doctor or Nutritionist is that as a Health Coach, we look at the root causes of issues – when you step on a pin tack, I don’t treat it with a painkiller, I look for why you are in pain.

See more about becoming a Health Coach here.

Let’s thrive together.