3 ingredient dairy-free ice-cream


I made this “nice-cream” or vegan ice-cream or whatever you choose to call it because I have been getting mighty bored of the whinging of “Whats for afternoon teeeeeeea?” the whole walk home from school! You could add any supplements you enjoy to pimp the nutrient content.

250g frozen mixed berries
150g coconut yoghurt
100g coconut water

Blend until you reach desired consistency – I use the Thermomix on speed 5 for about 20 seconds

Enjoy immediately or pour into a reusable glass container & pop in the freezer

Pink grapefruit & strawberry frappe


I have never done a juice fast, nor do I plan on ever doing one but I do love adding a blended smoothie / frappe every so often to get a massive nutrient hit in a condensed form (eg 3 cups of spinach blended down to approx 1 tspn, you know what I mean?).

This guy is low fructose for all the IQSers & with the amount of ginger I spiked mine with, I’m hoping all bugs will stay away.


1 pink grapefruit (mine was approx 400g, down to about 275g when peeled)

10 strawberries (approx 150g)

10 ice cubes (approx 100g)

1 tablespoon mint

Ginger, to your taste – I used about a dessert spoon full


Throw all ingredients into the Thermomix or your preferred blender, whizz until well liquified. I used speed 6 for 10-15 seconds.

Drink immediately.

Makes 2 glasses, or if you’re greedy like me, you can polish off the whole thing on your own

Gluten-free quiche | Thermomix 

We are currently staying with my parents while we renovate – some amazing parts, some difficult. Free use of a Thermomix & never ending supply of fresh rosemary  definitely land in the “pros” column!

1 cup buckwheat groats

1/2 cup sunflower seeds

1/2 cup cashews

1/3 cup (or a touch under) coconut flour

7 eggs (1 for crust / 6 for filling)

1/4 of a sweet potato

2 handfuls baby spinach

1 handful parsley

8 mushrooms

10 olives 

100g organic butter

3 sprigs Rosemary (or thyme)


  1. Slice mushrooms & sweet potato  thinly
  2. Throw buckwheat groats, cashews & sunflower seeds in Thermomix. Whizz on about speed 8 for 15 seconds. Check the consistency & if similar to a flour, tip into a mixing bowl
  3. Throw Rosemary into the Thermomix & whizz on speed 10 for 15 seconds. Put in 100g organic butter. Set to 100 degrees for 1 minute on about speed 3. Check it’s melted, otherwise just do another 30 seconds 
  4. Tip nut/seed flours back into the Thermomix, mix well & throw in one organic egg.
  5. Press down into a tin – I used a cake tin as I didn’t have a pie/quiche tin. Cook for 10 mins at 180 degrees.
  6. While the crust is cooking, blend 6 organic eggs with the baby spinach & parsley
  7. Slowly pour the egg/spinach/parsley mix into the crust, add the mushroom slices, sweet potato & olives
  8. Cook for 25 minutes at 180 degrees. Serve immediately, with a fresh green salad (simple dressing of olive oil & lemon compliments this dish well

Kids banana & carrots muffins

I am constantly on the look out for healthy recipes to fill the lunchboxes of my sons. Seeing as they have a combined 25 years (EEK!) of school remaining, it would surely be of benefit to find something easy that they enjoy, & can be popped in the lunchbox.


2 carrots
2 bananas
1 cup brown rice flour (I bought mine from Naked foods in Bondi Junction)
3 organic eggs
2 tbspns coconut oil
1.5 teaspoons vanilla powder (I use Heilala brand)
1 teaspoon cinnamon (more if you prefer)
1 tspn bicarb

*Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees celsius
1. Throw carrots, bananas, vanilla & cinnamon in the blender until smooth
2. Pour carrot/banana mix into a mixing bowl.
3. In a separate small bowl, give the eggs a light whisk with a fork for about 10-20 seconds.
4. Pour eggs into carrot/banana mix, then add rice flour & bicarb.
5. Pour into muffin moulds & put in the oven for 25 minutes. They will not brown like muffins containing dairy/gluten, so just pop your finger on top & see if you get any bounce back. Leave a bit longer if required.

I kept them in the fridge & they were fine for Monday to Friday


Cheezy omelette 

This is a fabulous balance of protein, healthy fats & carbs. This simple gluten-free, dairy-free vegetarian dish, that should start your day on a good note.

I wasn’t a big egg eater until I saw a Naturopath in July 2015 who suggested I add more to my diet, due to being a lazy pescetarian (I love seafood, but don’t often bother to make it), now I aim for 2 organic eggs every second day.

I would love to hear how you enjoy eggs; or what your favourite breakfast is.


2 x organic eggs (I used Southern Highlands brand – from Wholefoods House in Woollahra)
1 cup kale
2 tablespoons parsley
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 avocado, sliced (If avocadoes are in short supply in your area, or out of season, replace with ricotta or feta)
2 slices preferred bread (I use Naturis organic buckwheat bread)
2 wedges lemon
Chilli flakes (optional)


1. Heat the stove to a high heat. Tip in olive oil then kale & parsley.
2.  Stir constantly for 1 minute then crack in 2 eggs & put in 1 teaspoon nutritional yeast. Flip over after 1 minute, take out once cooked.
3. Serve with toast, sliced avocado & lemon wedges. Chilli optional

Omit the buckwheat paleo friends

Healthy eating while on holidays

You’ve heard the story a thousand times of people putting on weight & eating whatever they feel like over Christmas.

I’m all for a bit of indulgence when it is served. Literally. If you are a guest at Christmas & you are offered a pudding, it’s ok to say yes. Getting in the car especially to buy a box of chocolates or tub of ice-cream for yourself is not ok. 

For me, being at the 22 day mark of our holiday have decided it IS possible to not only eat healthily but also to get other people on board. We have been fortunate in that we have been staying with family in London & Edinburgh, rented a house in the Scottish Highlands & stayed with a friend in Dublin. This meant visits to the supermarkets – which happens to be one of my favourite things to do in a foreign country!

Our bodies thrive on food specific to the climate – to give you an extreme example, do you think Eskimos would thrive on a diet of mangoes & pineapple? For me this means big leafy, green salads complimented with lots of roast veg – sweet potato, parsnip, cauliflower, broccoli with sprinkles of roast nuts & seeds. It also reiterates to me that the import of tropical fruits is unnecessary on so many levels – our bodies don’t thrive on tropical fruits in winter weather of less than 5 degrees. The fruits are often picked very early, meaning they don’t ripen properly & are devoid of taste (coming from a spoilt Aussie used to locally sourced fruit & veg). For breakfast, we have been enjoying locally sourced eggs – a lot from my Aunt’s Hens, tomatoes, some wholemeal bread (I was 95% gluten-free for 5 months leading up to this holiday but found most of the gluten-free bread in Tesco was packed with sugar).

So get in charge of the shopping list & make some suggestions for meals.  


Second week | elimination diet

I’m kick starting the week with excitement & trepidation. I have officially started my course through IIN.

My 4 year old has major anger management issues – when he is angry he will utilise anything in his reach as a weapon: on Monday alone: all the magnets pulled off the fridge, a ball thrown in the bin, my new coffee table has an irreparable scratch due to him scratching his red toy bus along it, all the dining chairs knocked over, a water bottle thrown at a window intentionally, a glass of water intentionally spilt on carpet.

Monday: breakfast – 2 slices of rice bread with 2 organic eggs, poached by moi. My first attempt at poaching, let’s just say I will hope to refine my poaching skills. Black organic coffee. More rice loaf x 2 slices with olive oil, sprinkles of oregano & Himalayan pink salt. Dinner: made another quiche – with an almond meal, buckwheat & olive oil crust. The filling included organic eggs, pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, oregano & quinoa. Dessert: home made chocolate (all organic ingredients) – cacao, coconut oil, coconut butter, cacao butter, Pureharvest rice malt syrup.

Tuesday: again I did not start the working week in style. 830am: 2 slices rice loaf, toasted then I dipped in olive oil, oregano & Himalayan pink salt. I am being totally honest here – at 930am: kombucha, raw vegan chocolate beetroot cake, 1 organic apple. Lunch: leftover quiche (see above) with organic baby spinach leaves. Afternoon tea: raw mixed nuts. A pot of elderflower & blueberry tea. I have not felt hungry all day. Dinner: pan-fried prawns in organic ginger, organic turmeric & olive oil with organic cauliflower, organic sweet potato & organic cos lettuce. I feel really full & satisfied but not that sleepy “food coma” feeling.

Wednesday: brain freeze. I can’t remember what I ate during the day but dinner was a salad with tinned tuna in oil, tomatoes, raw cauliflower, carrots. So cute, my mum made it for me & it was a lovely rainbow salad.

Thursday: my colleague was tired & hormonal so let’s use her as the excuse that my lunch was gluten-free vegan sweet potato chips & zucchini fries. We only had this at 3pm so I really wasn’t hungry again til after 7pm & couldn’t be bothered to make anything so had some gluten-free fruit toast, carrot sticks & almond butter.

Friday: breakfast was 2 slices of gluten-free fruit toast & organic black coffee. I also had a piece of my home made purple carrot, banana & buckwheat loaf. It is funny how excited I get when I discover a product that is gluten-free & dairy free – yesterday was Fresh Fodder taramasalata. I wolfed down half the container with organic carrot slices & some of it with a snack size pack of Fine Fettle zucchini & almond flats. Dinner was a delicious vegan stew – green beans, cauliflower, fennel, a tomato based sauce & green olives.

Saturday: breakfast was 2 slices of gluten-free fruit toast. At the markets, I had an almond milk latte. My son requested a freshly squeezed carrot juice at the markets (I didn’t know he even liked carrot juice?!) but I think there was too much ginger in it so he didn’t want it & I drank it. Lunch: remainder of taramasalata & a snack size pack of Fine Fettle zucchini & almond flats. Afternoon tea: 1 home made Oreo made from cacao, almond meal, rice malt syrup & coconut oil. Dinner was 4 slices of rice loaf with organic mayo (gluten-free, dairy-free & free from sugar/corn syrup), organic parsley & organic smoked salmon. 2 x roast parsnips with dried oregano & Himalayan pink salt.

I am feeling more satiated – not sure if this is the introduction of more consistent protein in the form of eggs & seafood? I am eating a lot more organic fruit & vegetables.

ZERO alcohol consumed (which is pretty normal for me anyway).