Kale, carrot & quinoa salad 

VEGAN | GLUTEN-FREE | DAIRY-FREE Can be made nut-free / option of adding dairy or seafood I could not get enough of this delicious salad. It's one of those "what have I got in the fridge/pantry" combos after 2 long days of fun but exhausting family events....ah Christmas, I love you but I'm tired now.... … Continue reading Kale, carrot & quinoa salad 

Low-fructose kids snacks

I see the question pop up all the time of what healthy / low-sugar snacks people can feed their children. First of all, if a child is genuinely hungry, they are more likely to try something. Second of all, I am not a Dr or Nutritionist. If your child has sensitivities to certain foods, don't … Continue reading Low-fructose kids snacks

Gluten-free quiche | Thermomix 

We are currently staying with my parents while we renovate - some amazing parts, some difficult. Free use of a Thermomix & never ending supply of fresh rosemary  definitely land in the "pros" column! 1 cup buckwheat groats 1/2 cup sunflower seeds 1/2 cup cashews 1/3 cup (or a touch under) coconut flour 7 eggs … Continue reading Gluten-free quiche | Thermomix 

Quiche with GF crust

Let me preface this post by saying Georgeats aka Georgia McDermott aka that chick who makes abso-f*cking-lutely everything she photographs & creates look amazing was my inspiration for this dish. I was up for a challenge & thought I could make her Rainbow Pie with buttery hazelnut crust. A few minor obstacles in the first … Continue reading Quiche with GF crust

Millet, avocado & tomato

I love millet but until last night, I was hopeless about cooking it. INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup millet 1 tomato 1 avocado 1/2 lemon (to be used for dressing) 1 tablespoon olive oil (for dressing) HOW TO COOK MILLET LIKE A PRO 1. Throw 1/2 cup of millet into a saucepan 2. Dry toast for 3-4 … Continue reading Millet, avocado & tomato

Vanilla ice pops w choc swirl | GF VEG RSF

I will taste these ice pops a little later to see if anything needs refining but for now, here's the ingredients without quantities: Greek yoghurt Cinnamon Organic Vanilla bean Rice malt syrup CHOCOLATE Organic cacao butter (I like Loving Earth brand) Organic cacao Organic coconut oil Organic rice malt syrup (I use 'Pure Harvest') METHOD … Continue reading Vanilla ice pops w choc swirl | GF VEG RSF

Summer quinoa salad | GF VEG

This is an easy summer meal. protein: quinoa is considered a "complete protein" due to its' relatively high content of lysine & isoleucine 1/2 cup Quinoa (uncooked) 2 tbspns feta 1 carrot (I choose organic), grated 1 small zucchini 4-6 honey snap peas, sliced thinly 1/4 cup combined parsley & mint, finely chopped 1 tspn … Continue reading Summer quinoa salad | GF VEG

Salad, our friend | V RSF GF

SALAD - it's a word we often associate with health freaks "I'll just have a salad thanks" but in reality you can make some really flavoursome salads, full of nutrients. My family has always had salads as a component of dinner every night. With me being the only family member who doesn't eat meat. Or … Continue reading Salad, our friend | V RSF GF

Sesame Bars | DF GF RSF RV

I think everyone who went through primary school in the late 80s/90s remember sesame bars. No idea what was in them but probably tons of sugar....so, make these instead.... 1/4 cup rice malt syrup 1/4 tahini 1/8 cup sesame seeds Warm up the rice malt syrup then stir through the tahini & sesame seeds. Tip … Continue reading Sesame Bars | DF GF RSF RV

Cauliflower & kale soup | vegan GF DF RSF PALEO

I love making soup in the colder months - such an easy meal, full of veggies & accompanied by some crusty bread & a little salad, is such a satisfying meal. Ingredients 2 cups Cauliflower, steamed until soft 1/3 cup kale, shredded 1 tspn vegan stock Optional Bread roll - I may be biased but … Continue reading Cauliflower & kale soup | vegan GF DF RSF PALEO