Kidney beans | vego RSF GF

This dish is great for filling tortillas, or tacos, dipping corn chips in, or just eating on its own....or maybe it's just an excuse to use as a vehicle for grilled cheese... Ingredients 1 tin kidney beans, drained & thoroughly rinsed 1/4 cup tomato based pasta sauce (check ingredients that there is no sugar added) … Continue reading Kidney beans | vego RSF GF

Lentil burgers | vegetarian

I often make chickpea fritters for my kids - it's easy & I can hide whatever veggies in there without them noticing (so long as they aren't too green...) but tonight I only had lentils so here goes with yet another of my free styling dinners Serves 3 (ok, so me & my 2 kids … Continue reading Lentil burgers | vegetarian