2 months gluten-free & dairy-free

Well a full 2 months has passed since I ditched gluten & dairy from my diet in the hopes of clearing up my skin. My skin is not better but I feel that it has been a really great learning curve in many ways. I have expanded my repertoire in the kitchen & have dined … Continue reading 2 months gluten-free & dairy-free

Third week | elimination diet

It is totally unlike me not to eat when I can't decide what I want. In fact, normally it is the opposite - I usually eat EVERYTHING in sight when I can't decide on one item. In my defence, we do not have any sugary, processed foods in our house. I just don't buy them. … Continue reading Third week | elimination diet

Second week | elimination diet

I'm kick starting the week with excitement & trepidation. I have officially started my course through IIN. My 4 year old has major anger management issues - when he is angry he will utilise anything in his reach as a weapon: on Monday alone:¬†all the magnets pulled off the fridge, a ball thrown in the … Continue reading Second week | elimination diet

Elimination diet | the weekend

I find the weekend harder to avoid certain foods, as we are often out & tend to grab something on the go.  Saturday morning we braved the fog & cold & went to our local markets. I am trying to move from soy milk to almond milk but they had run out so I compromised … Continue reading Elimination diet | the weekend

Elimination Diet | Day 7

I am not one to stare at myself in the mirror in the mornings but my skin has been looking substantially better each morning for the last 5 days & it makes me happy. Amazing how something so simple can make us so appreciative about our health. Dermatologist: No wonder we are all so confused. … Continue reading Elimination Diet | Day 7

day 6 | my 3 weeks gluten-free, dairy-free & spice free

Day 6: I woke feeling much the same as every day - ugh, I want more sleep. I didn't have time to make myself food to take to work due to a busy morning with the children. Do any single parents trying to get 2 children out the door find it harder than you would … Continue reading day 6 | my 3 weeks gluten-free, dairy-free & spice free

Week 1

Alcohol consumed since Friday = ZERO Coffee consumed since Friday: 2 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday, 1 on Monday, zero on Tuesday or Wednesday New habits I'm trying to establish: body brushing, vitamin E on my face where rash is worst.  Things impeding my progress: woken at least once during the night by one child … Continue reading Week 1