3 ingredient dairy-free ice-cream


I made this “nice-cream” or vegan ice-cream or whatever you choose to call it because I have been getting mighty bored of the whinging of “Whats for afternoon teeeeeeea?” the whole walk home from school! You could add any supplements you enjoy to pimp the nutrient content.

250g frozen mixed berries
150g coconut yoghurt
100g coconut water

Blend until you reach desired consistency – I use the Thermomix on speed 5 for about 20 seconds

Enjoy immediately or pour into a reusable glass container & pop in the freezer

Green smoothie 

Here’s a tip, a can of coconut milk can look intimidating & in the past, I’ve avoiding opening one, thinking I won’t be able to finish the whole thing: freeze it into individual ice cubes (in my case, heart shaped).

Following my naturopath visit on Friday, I realised I did need to pump the nutritional value of my smoothies, but am not yet willing to put in a raw egg (although my brother swears by it).

1 x avocado

4 x coconut milk ice cubes

1 x banana

1 big handful of baby spinach

A sprinkle of Heilala vanilla powder

Top with organic strawberries & a sprinkle of chia seeds


Blend all ingredients placing baby spinach in blender first, then vanilla powder, then heavy ingredients on top.

If required, slowly add a bit of water to get your desired consistency. Mine was pretty thick 


BB smoothie | raw vegan P GF DF RSF

I bought some beautiful fat beetroots at our local growers markets (Orange Grove in Lilyfield) on Saturday & instantly had grand plans on how to use them. I roasted one last night in a bit of olive oil & ate them simply on a bed of freshly picked watercress & rocket from my Mum’s community garden. 

Next up on the list was a beetroot smoothie. I haven’t made one in ages but was confident that my sons would like it due to the colour. This smoothie is so simple & a really delicious start to the day.


2 bananas, frozen overnight

1 medium beetroot, peeled & cut into quarters

1 tablespoon chia seeds, soaked in 1/4 cup coconut water 

1 teaspoon vanilla powder (I recommend Heilala brand – it has nothing added & a delicious flavour)

Throw all ingredients into your blender (I use the Omniblend) & blend until you get the desired consistency. 


Fig salad | raw | vegetarian

I picked up some beautiful fresh figs from my local markets yesterday (Orange Grove in Lilyfield, Sydney if you’re ever in the hood on a Saturday from 8am-1pm). They werent cheap but i had to have them! I love figs & basil so also picked up some super fresh basil from the markets.

1 cup rocket, washed & dried (I lay it on a tea towel)
2 fresh figs, quartered
1/3 cup fresh basil leaves
4 tspns labanne (yoghurt cheese) which could easily be replaced by a goat’s cheese)
**optional to grind some pepper over the top before serving

1. Put rocket in the bowl first
2. Place quartered figs on top of rocket
3. Sprinkle basil leaves over the top
4. Spoon over 4 tspns of labanne
**or just don’t follow this method at all & do however you like!

I find the salad doesn’t need any dressing as the labanne is so creamy & the flavours compliment each other – peppery rocket, fresh basil, sweet figs & salty, creamy labanne. You could add some olive oil & salt if you felt it needed it.


Raw vegan brownie

Quite by accident I made this raw vegan brownie – all I knew was that I wanted to use some organic hazelnuts I’d picked up at Orange Grove Markets (in Lilyfield, Sydney).

I have to confess I never believed in the past when I read about a raw vegan brownie being the same texture as a traditional sugar & butter laden one but I have now eaten (literally) my own words.

It’s not often I make the same recipe twice but I’ve made this twice in the last week & am sure you will love it as much as I do

The 6 clean ingredients are:
2/3 cup hazelnut meal OR Hazelnuts (I blended them into hazelnut meal in the spice grinder attachment of my food processor)
1/4 cup Flaxseed
6 Dates, stone removed
3 tbspn Maca-Cacao mix (the brand is Power Superfoods & is available at Healthlands in Leichhardt).
2 tbspns Coconut Oil (brand = Absolute Organic from Healthlands in Leichhardt).

Optional: 1-2 tspns Buckinis for decoration (Loving Earth)

It’s as easy as blending all ingredients in a food processor then pressing it into a container – I used rectangular but use any shape you like.
Freeze for 15 minutes then eat!

Keep any remaining brownies in the fridge