Polymyalgia & an anti-inflammatory diet

We have just spent the weekend with a family friend who is suffering from POlymyalgia. having known him my whole life, it was awful to see someone in such pain -he put up a valiant effort with guests there, but his pain was evident. As a Health Coach, I do not have the answer to … Continue reading Polymyalgia & an anti-inflammatory diet

Salmon & sweet potato patties

GLUTEN-FREE | DAIRY-FREE | PESCETARIAN |NUT-FREE (optional) | 7 INGREDIENTS ONLY | mixing bowl & pan only I'm all about making life easy, especially for families where it seems multiple meals are often made to address all family requirements. These salmon & sweet potato patties (better word?) are gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free & can easily be … Continue reading Salmon & sweet potato patties

Hot-smoked salmon salad | GF SF

I love a good salad - salty salmon, creamy feta, fresh mint, crunchy lettuce & of course a generous sprinkle of chilli  1 fillet of hot-smoked salmon, shredded 1 cup cos, finely chopped 1/2 cup mint leaves 1/2 zucchini, sliced & pan-fried for 1 minute on each side  3 baby Roma tomatoes, cut in … Continue reading Hot-smoked salmon salad | GF SF

Rice paper rolls

I had always looked at photos of rice paper rolls & thought wow, they look amazing but well out of my reach in terms of difficulty! I bought the rice paper & soon after my brother told me he had just made some & that they were easy to make which gave me the motivation … Continue reading Rice paper rolls