Pumpkin, silverbeet & feta parcel | V

for me, this is comfort food at its' best: pastry, cheese & enough veggies to ward off any potential guilt.  1. Roast pumpkin for half hour with a teaspoon of olive oil at about 200 degrees Celsius  2. Take one sheet of pastry out of the freezer onto baking paper.  3. Chop some silverbeet, put … Continue reading Pumpkin, silverbeet & feta parcel | V

Kale, silverbeet, feta & ricotta triangles

I have to admit having always loved the spinach & cheese combo - who doesn't love spanakopita (although maybe half the fun is just in saying the word). I didn't make the pastry but I do read the ingredients to check no dodgy ingredients. 3 kale leaves, off the stem & rinsed 2 silverbeet leaves, … Continue reading Kale, silverbeet, feta & ricotta triangles

Couscous salad | vegan

My Mum & I have been making variations on this salad for about 10 years now. Yes, it contains gluten but still tastes light. It works with any greens, especially snow peas, asparagus & zucchini.INGREDIENTS1 cup couscous - pour 1.5 cups boiling water over couscous in a heat proof bowl & sit a plate over … Continue reading Couscous salad | vegan

Silverbeet, ricotta & olive | vegetarian

I picked up the gorgeous silverbeet, basil & parsley at Bondi Farmer's Market on Saturday. INGREDIENTS 1/4 cup ricotta (I use full-fat) 3/4 cup silverbeet 8 kalamata olive, chopped (stone removed) - they add some saltiness to the triangles 1 handful basil 1 handful parsley 2 sheets frozen puff pastry METHOD *pre-heat the oven to … Continue reading Silverbeet, ricotta & olive | vegetarian