3 ingredient dairy-free ice-cream

3 INGREDIENTS | VEGAN | GLUTEN-FREE | DAIRY-FREE | NUT-FREE | CHILD FRIENDLY | NO ADDED CANE SUGAR | LOW FRUCTOSE I made this “nice-cream” or vegan ice-cream or whatever you choose to call it because I have been getting mighty bored of the whinging of “Whats for afternoon teeeeeeea?” the whole walk home from … Continue reading 3 ingredient dairy-free ice-cream

banana coconut choc peanut butter smoothie

Well hey, it's Friday here in Australia & with a forecast of 29 degrees & torturous humidity in our second week of Autumn, there's no better excuse for a smoothie. This one is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, no cane sugar, no soy, no preservatives, no grains, but plenty of good fats, naturally occuring sugars (banana) & … Continue reading banana coconut choc peanut butter smoothie

Berry & Apple crumble smoothie | vegan DF GF RSF

Refined sugar free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan. Baked apples 2 Fuji apples, peeled, cored & quartered 1 tspn cinnamon 1 tspn ginger Bake at 160 degrees for about 20 mins, wrapped in baking paper & foil. Remove from the oven, open up & let it cool down. Bake the crumble at the same time as the … Continue reading Berry & Apple crumble smoothie | vegan DF GF RSF

Passionfruit & lime vegan smoothie

Thanks to my Instagram followers who have requested this recipe. Ingredients 1 x banana (peeled, cut into 4-6 pieces, then frozen overnight) 1-2 passionfruits 1 wedge lime 2 tspns white chia seeds (optional) Method 1. Throw the banana in the blender & squeeze in the wedge of lime, tip in chia seeds 2. Blend! 3. … Continue reading Passionfruit & lime vegan smoothie

Maca Mocha vegan smoothie

Ingredients 1 tablespoon Maca power blends (it is a combination of maca & cacao). If you can't find it, just use cacao, the Maca is only added for health benefits, not taste. 1 tablespoon cacao 1 banana, peeled, cut into 4-6 pieces then frozen overnight 1 teaspoon instant coffee 1 tablespoon boiling water 1/4 cup … Continue reading Maca Mocha vegan smoothie

banana nice-cream | the first thing a raw vegan learns

I am not a raw-vegan & it is highly unlikely I will ever be one. In saying that, I have found it a fascinating experience preparing many a recipe that is raw vegan, especially in the last 6 months. I have honestly found myself at times having to think about whether an ingredient is raw … Continue reading banana nice-cream | the first thing a raw vegan learns